Music from the Motion Picture- The Lifting of the Veil

03/30/09 Washington D.C- How does it feel returning back to your country after 25 years in search for answers? Ayesha Khan tells a story about a young man, Armaghan, who returns to Pakistan after 25 years to search out his Sufi master. The musical album is produced by Pakistan’s finest nationally acclaimed artist and producer, Ali Sher. The CD soundtrack comes out on March 27, 2009 from 2 Republic Music Group.

During Armaghan’s journey through the alluring yet dangerous city of Lahore, said to be guarded by Sufi Saints, the physical and material worlds uneasily blur, diverting him from his original quest. He pursues a mysterious woman through the streets of Lahore, but her changing forms make her impossible to possess. Will he find what he seeks or remain lost? His cousin, Ali, seeks his own calling in the sensual and violent world of Lollywood and becomes engulfed by fantastical musical hallucinations — has he found peace or lost his hold on reality?

The soundtrack ( consists of 14 mind-blowing tracks such as “Khayal,” which has been played and raved about by critics on BBC Asia and MTV Iggy ( The music video for Khayal was shot in co-sponsorship with Saadia Mirza, Pakistan’s leading fashion designer. The brains behind the soundtrack distribution and publicity is 20-year-old Raakin Iqbal ( Iqbal is a 20-year-old enterpreneur who has been featured on numerous media outlets such as VOA and been called a “South Asian Music Mogul” by the Washington Post ( or

The soundtrack will be available on all major online stores such as iTunes (international), Amazon MP3, Rhapsody, Napster, eMusic, and many other stores as well. Listeners can go on the soundtrack website to locate the album online.

2 Republic Music Group is the “22nd Century record label,” working only with the digital media platform and not physical distribution unlike the traditional record label. Specializing with all world genre music, 2 Republic was the first music label to take up the first Pakistani artist on iTunes and took up the first Pakistani cinema motion picture soundtrack, Khuda Kay Liye.

We welcome our new family to our ever growing Republic of Talent!

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